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Once Upon a Time in Cambridge

A Recipe to Remember 

A Recipe To Remember is The debut of a heartfelt funny story about food and my family peppered with a little Cambridge nostalgia that will leave you hungry for more. listen to otherstories from the Cambridge community on the main page


"Jukebox will be a center point for gathering, listening, and sharing our stories.   Folks will be able to go up to the jukebox and press a few buttons to choose a story told by a community member; the story will then play aloud as the written transcript is displayed on a wall monitor. "

Join us for two workshops with Ben Cunningham, professional storyteller. Facilitated by Ben, these two community workshops seek to foster a safe and supportive space for sharing stories; attend one or both workshops.

Ben will discuss his work as a storyteller, share one of his stories, and help participants identify stories of their own. Participants are encouraged to bring an ordinary object to the workshop that they are interested in sharing a story about.

Register here to attend.

The Jukebox Amplifier Series is a collection of free programs that seek to amplify the stories of local community members who have created their own platforms to share their stories. Each featured presenter uses a different mode of storytelling – comic books, video, and spoken word.  All programs are free and will take place at Cambridge Foundry.

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