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Philadelphia Book & Science Fair
Rotary Club
ICA: Boston

Ben Cunningham is a multifaceted Artist and Storyteller whose recent story aired on the Growing Up Black episode of  Stories from The Stage (a nationally televised collaboration of WORLD Channel with GBH and Tell & Act). This powerful episode is the 2021 winner of the 25th Annual Webby Awards in Virtual & Remote: Arts & Culture... 

Ben Cunningham is the only two-time winner of Boston’s leading, local storytelling championship: The Big Mouth off with Massmouth. In addition to multiple appearances on  Stories from The Stage, he’s performed with the Philly Book and Science Fair, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the ICA in Boston, the Fuller Craft Museum, and a panel discussion on The Art of Storytelling at Tufts University.  His performance on Story Collider -- true, personal stories about science --  was featured on WBUR’s The ARTery. 


The tone of Ben’s work is ever-expanding: ranging from humorous to heartfelt stories about bullying, childhood nostalgia, coming-of-age, and loss. It clashes between Subculture & Pop culture, while interweaving topics of race, gender, and other social issues. 


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Ben Cunningham

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